Lil Kim Has Never Had Plastic Surgery, You Guys…


Lil Kim recently made a guest appearance on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, where she performed “Lady Marmalade” with Patti Labelle and Amber Riley. The performance caused quite a stir, but not because of Lil Kim’s singing ability, or the fact that she was performing the classic song with legend Patti Labelle. Lil Kim’s shocking appearance is what made headlines and social media feeds across the world…

Lil Kim with Patti Labelle and Amber Riley after performing on ‘Dancing with the Stars’:
lil kim patti label dancing with the stars performance 2015

Lil Kim seems to pop up for a performance of some sort, a couple of times a year and it always creates a buzz because the “Queen Bee” looks like a freaking mutant. But, don’t jump to conclusions you guys, Lil Kim’s new look isn’t the result of plastic surgery. That is, if you believe her publicist who always vehemently denies that the rapper has ever had any sort of plastic surgery.

Lil Kim then and now:

Lil Kim’s rep responded to media reports that the rapper looked “physically distorted” by calling the claim “fictitious, malicious, and despicable”, and vowing to bring legal action against news sources that dare to claim that Lil Kim, “an American music icon” has had plastic surgery.

Little Kim and The Notorious B.I.G., back in the day:

Lil Kim herself has also feigned outrage that people would think she has had plastic surgery and tweeted:

I’m not putting up with that sh*t no more. All they have been proving is im THAT b*tch with or without an album out & they always want to attack & bring down the real ones. Today was the last straw.

(Does anyone else think her choice of wording about being “the real ones” is hilariously appropriate?)

Little Kim then and now:

So there you have it…Clearly Lil Kim, who is 40-years old, is all natural and her completely different and bizarre appearance is the result of her being real and has nothing to do with the absurd amount of plastic surgery that she’s had over the years. Oddly enough, no legal action has come out of Lil Kim or her camp, even though they have vowed to take these repeated reports of Lil Kim’s plastic surgery transformation “very seriously”.

Lil Kim through the years:
Little Kim Plastic Surgery Through The Years

Curious about what exactly Lil Kim has had done and want to see more pictures of her transformation? Check out Lil Kim before and after plastic surgery.

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  • avatar K.T says:

    Okay, Kim spoke about having surgery. The reason why, World, her ex who is in prison for six murders, would beat her to extremes. She has spoke on it on live TV and you can see she was a little upset speaking about it. She had shattered bones including her nose being broken more than once, her lip was split open. She had to be put in the hospital. MRI were done on her she had bloodclots in her head from him. It was so bad she could not move. Now Kim openly stated she had sugar fillers in her lips to try it out, she did have boob implants, and she has cheek implants which are removable. If she lost weight and got back to her DWTS size you can see she hasnt changed much, but I also seen her in person. She looks herself, dont let the heavy loud makeup fool you. Kim still looks like Kim just a different nose.

    • avatar lola says:

      Wow. Thanks for the laugh. I never thought people could be that delusional (but then again, a lot of people believe Khloe’s ass is the result of squats SMH)

      What are you on, just wondering? Must be something extra potent.

  • avatar Marie says:

    Really you believe that all she has is a new nose and looks the same?her eyes show overwork that aint make up.
    She looks alien like.

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