15-Year-Old Girl Undergoes Insane Amount Of Plastic Surgery To Win Back Boyfriend And Become An Internet Celebrity


If all else fails and you really want to become famous, apparently all you have to do is undergo extreme amounts of plastic surgery. It worked for one 16-year-old girl from Henan.


The young teenager who goes by the name Lee Hee Danea recently underwent scary amounts of plastic surgery for anyone, let alone a girl her age. As a result she’s become an Internet sensation with people even referring to as “too beautiful to look at.”


According to some Chinese people the young girl’s porcelain skin and severely pointed chin make her look like a “snake spirit,” which is a reference to one of the most popular Chinese folk legends.


One Chinese website claims that Danae didn’t do it to become famous, but instead she just wanted to win back her old boyfriend. No word on the boyfriend crawling back to her, but she has collected a whole lot of followers since going under the knife. Danae now has over 667,423 followers (and growing) on the Chinese social media site Weibo.com.

Her birth date is listed as May 1999, meaning she just turned 16 and must have gone under the knife when she was only 15. Despite her underage status, a gaggle of creepers like her photos way too much. Others are skeptical that the photos look digitally exaggerated.

Digitally enhanced or not, Danae really did go under the knife on her jaw, eyes and chin. It also appears she got a boob job. She even shared a photo taken shortly after surgery for her social media followers to gasp over.


To compliment her completely new face, Danae also wears colored contacts, in some photos her eyes appear blue-green and in others her eyes are dark brown.


Danae isn’t the only one getting a lot of surgery. Many Chinese women see plastic surgery as a means to advance their career. In China, plastic surgery is incredibly popular with an increasing amount of people signing up for double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty.

Last year we wrote about the increasing hoards of Chinese women entering South Korea to undergo extensive plastic surgery. So extensive in fact, many women are unrecognizable post-surgery and as a result are given surgery certificates that include their name and passport number so that they were not denied entrance back into China.

danae extreme plastic surgery before after wtf

What I want to know is did Danae’s parents pay for the surgery, and what do they think about their ‘little girl’s’ new look?

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  • avatar j says:

    Those after photos are clearly severely photoshopped. Especially the one with the warped/blurry brick background from altering her face and body shape. So who knows what she actually looks like.

  • avatar Marie says:

    She looks crazy that is so not beautiful. It actually reminds me of a praying mantis.
    I want to know whst parents allow their teen to do this. Not counting the kardashian family who most i think were prettier before their work. But this is a kid who wanted to get back st a ex those pstents need as much therapy as her

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