Baywatch Babe Nicole Eggert Gets Big, Saggy Boobs Fixed On Botched


When 43-year-old Nicole Eggert made an appearance on Season 2 of Botched she was hoping to have her oversized, saggy implants fixed by the famous reconstructive surgeons, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif.

Nicole is an American actress best known for running on the beach in a tiny red bathing suit on Baywatch. Her role on the retro show is what made Nicole develop what she calls “boob envy,” subsequently leading to a number of breast augmentations over the years.


While starring on Baywatch Nicole had a tiny figure with perfect curves and B-cup implants. Since then her boobs have inflated to a DD, or at least that’s what she says. In a clip from the show Dr. Dubrow said to her, “I can almost get my hand around your entire breast mound, which means you really aren’t a DD because my left hand is the perfect full C.”

Full C or DD, either way the full-time mommy said her gargantuan breasts were getting in the way of raising her little ones and she needed help.

article-0-204EC8DC00000578-166_634x879Nicole has gone from Baywatch to Baby Watch 

Interestingly, her last boob job was actually performed by Dr. Terry Dubrow. At which time he suggested Nicole have a lift done but she turned down the idea, not wanting the associated scars just yet.

With Nicole back in Dr. Dubrow’s office, Dr. Nassif asked her if she was ready for the scarring associated with a lift and reduction. This time around she was more than ready. In fact, she doesn’t care about having big, perfect boobs anymore, she just wants her breasts to be a comfortable B-cup, the size they were when every young man coveted them during her Baywatch days.


Dr. Dubrow admits on the episode that Nicole Eggert was a serious crush of his back in the day, but many things have changed since then, including Nicole’s figure. While Nicole is by no means huge or unsightly she is not the tiny stick figure she once was, in other words a B-cup would like way different on her now than it did fifteen years ago. Unfortunately for Dr. Dubrow, he had to be pretty honest and tell her this as she sat in his office pleading for B-cup implants.

Dr. Dubrow was concerned that if he removed her old implants and added implants that were too small she would have a wide, flat chest. Plastic surgery cannot change the width of your breasts, meaning if you put a small implant in a wider breast cavity the implant flattens in attempt to fill out the width.

As always, Dr. Dubrow’s worries were all for nothing. He was able to give Nicole the smaller, perkier chest she was looking for without making it look like a car ran her over and flattened her chest.


Dr. Dubrow’s other worry was that Nicole might not know how much her frame had changed over the years and would expect to look like her Baywatch-self after surgery. This was needless fussing on Dubrow’s part; Nicole is very satisfied with her boob job by the Botched doctors. She hopes it gives her the motivation necessary to keep working on getting in shape and improving her health.

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