Did Kendall Jenner Already Get That Boob Job That She’s Been Wanting?


A few months ago we shared Kendall Jenner’s rumored plans to get breast implants in order to land her dream job as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Kendall has remained the most natural Kardashian for a long time, and as a result many people doubted she’d really go under the knife, or at least not any time too soon.

BUT…. judging by recent photos of Kendall at the Met Gala it looks like she may have already gotten that boob job. Kendall looked amazing wearing a boobalicious Calvin Klein dress, and male or female you can’t ignore her new set of suddenly perky boobs highlighted by the gown. Her breasts are still nowhere near as large as her older sisters’, namely Kim Kardashian, but she has clearly grown some major side cleavage in a very short time.


Left, Kendal pictured in 2014 sporting a very flat chest. Right, Kendal pictured in May 2015 showing off way more cleavage. 

Kendall was incredibly flat chested just a year ago and while her weight appears the same she suddenly has a perky pair of boobs she’s more than happy to flaunt. The sparkly emerald dress by Calvin Klein was wide open on both sides, giving you a clear view of Kendall’s side boobs.

Without doubt it’s harder to create fake side-boob cleavage than front cleavage. Any woman knows it would be nearly impossible to make side boobs look that voluptuous with no boobs to work with, no matter how good of a bra or push-up device you have!

Model Kendall seemed ecstatic to show off her new look and took to Twitter saying, “Thank you @ calvinklein @costafrancisco for making me feel so great.” We think she may have forgotten to thank her plastic surgeon as well.


In February’s Cosmopolitan issue Kendall said, “I’m not against surgery. I’d never say no, but I don’t desire it right now.”

Then again, her sister Kylie was saying the same exact thing, all the while sporting lip injections she swore were all natural… in other words, when it comes to the Kardashian clan and plastic surgery, who really knows.


One thing we know for sure is that Kendall’s new chest didn’t magically appear overnight, and just in time to wear a dress that shows off a healthy chunk of side boob. The Kardashian’s are wildly lucky, but no one is that lucky.

What do you think? Did Calvin Klein find a way to make a dress that transforms pancakes into grapefruits, or did Kendall get that boob job she was debating?

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