Bruce Jenner Underwent Over 10 Hours of Facial Plastic Surgery For Caitlyn Transformation


When Caitlyn Jenner finally came out to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair I literally yelped with excitement. I, along with the rest of you, have been anxiously waiting to see what ‘she’ would really look like. I have to admit, Caitlyn looks much more lady-like than I expected, in fact she looks pretty damn good.

I suppose that’s to be expected when you have boat loads of money and fame. In Caitlyn’s case it granted her the opportunity to have facial feminization, hence why only a few months ago Bruce Jenner looked like a man with painted fingernails and long hair, and only a couple months later Caitlyn really looks like a woman.


Pictured above before (left) and after (right) facial feminization 

Facial feminization includes a number of procedures based upon a patient’s most ‘manly’ features, such as repositioning the hairline or eyebrows, reduction of the jaw, cheek augmentation, lift lips, and shaving down the trachea, or Adam’s apple. Facial feminization is not just for transgender women and not every transgender chooses to undergo these types of procedures.

Boston-based plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel specializes in facial feminization, although he was not involved in Jenner’s care. In an interview with CBS News he shared, “For transgender women specifically, the problem that they have is that they know they’re a woman but everyone who sees them sees a man. Transgender women who come to see me have already sorted through therapy, counseling, and time, that they are women and want to look more feminine.”

Caitlyn has undergone a number of cosmetic procedures including facial hair removal, shaving of the trachea, hormone therapy, and breast augmentation. To complete her look Caitlyn underwent facial feminization surgeries. Vanity Fair reported that Jenner did not undergo genital surgery.


The new Ms. Jenner has received mixed feedback in regards to her transformation. In many ways this is a huge positive for the transgender community, a way for the public to see what so many go through behind closed doors. On the other hand, some complain that it sets an unfair standard because the average transgender can’t afford the surgeries Caitlyn has undergone to look so womanly in such a short amount of time.


No matter how you feel about it, you can’t deny how good Caitlyn Jenner looks, perhaps it has something to do with her being comfortable in her own skin for the very first time, but it most definitely has to do with facial feminization surgery, breast implants and other costly procedures at the hands of the best plastic surgeons that have truly transformed her exterior.

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    Just because a dude gets some fake tits doesn’t make HIM a SHE !!
    Maybe an IT, but this freaky bastard, from a family of freaky bastards, is a HE – or maybe an IT – but never a SHE !!

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