Did Ellen Degeneres Get A Facelift?


Ellen DeGeneres is hilarious, pretty, married to a total babe and she is also apparently ageless. According to some of the top doctors in the US the reason Ellen looks so good for her 57-years is because the comedian and talk show host has undergone plastic surgery a number of times.

Most recently, the National Enquirer reported that Ellen has had more work done on her neck and face. While the NE isn’t typically the most reliable source for celebrity news recent pictures of Ellen seem to confirm the rumors.


Where did Ellen’s wrinkles go?

Ellen hasn’t always looked quite as wrinkle-free as she does right now, hinting even more at some sort of cosmetic work. When you’re a famous celebrity in Hollywood you can have anything you want, including laser therapy, chemical peels, Botox, and more invasive procedures that require going under the knife. Whatever Ellen is doing it’s clearly working for her.

According to New York plastic surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir, Ellen has visible scars that give it away. He said, “The noticeable scars on her neck are most likely a result of a facelift and/or neck lift. Scars are often a telltale sign of plastic surgery, and her neck and jawline appear rejuvenated and defined. At her age, she doesn’t have sagging skin, and her skin appears smooth and wrinkle-free – a sign of surgical and nonsurgical procedures to tighten loose skin and restore volume loss.”

Ellen’s wife Portia Derossi is no stranger to the scalpel, but hopefully she does not influence Ellen’s cosmetic surgery decisions…or perhaps Ellen’s more natural approach to cosmetic surgery is from learning from Portia’s mistakes!

Ellen and Portia in 2013:

You can say whatever you want but when you are 57 your skin just isn’t as smooth and nice as Ellen’s unless you have had some sort of work done. What do you think, is Ellen a super human that doesn’t age normally or does she have a great cosmetic surgeon on speed dial?


Left, Ellen back in the day. Right, Ellen today. 

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  • avatar gabyzelle says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she had vision surgery and what’s becoming a more common joint procedure blepharoplasty; she hasn’t been pulling out the glasses as much, either.

    But if you skim over to the lesbianista block, my homegirl says if you want to see the real details don’t compare those ratty pics look for her vacation pics – Elle doesn’t tan so much as burn and yet she’s addicted to the sun, so if people really want to compare her before and after pics, compare her vacation pics. Everything comes to ‘light’ – before & after.

    Less talked about is her bod, which is also looking good for her age, which as much of a moderation in all things she may be, some suggest she’s into (light surgical) body sculpting (gain some weight, push some fat around.)

    The word is she’s addicted to fillers, natural, old skool, doesn’t do synthetics. If things ‘drift’ and start to look weird than a little sculpting to move them back into place.

    taking the Helen Mirran approach to aging, especially after St.Joan’s passing, of course, the diehard surgery addicts aren’t going to stop, but that it has sent shockwaves through those that do just a little upkeep here and there.

    She’s probably had some removal of the wear and tear, and toning of flabby underarms that we don’t see so much as she’s a pantsuit-a-holic.

    But my HG, suggests the rest is kind of a drag show, a lot of it is just makeup and contouring. And again, if you want to compare or look for signs, check out her vacation pics – especially the beach and yacht ones.

  • avatar gabyzelle says:

    thru zimbio look for “Ellen+and+Portia+shop+_q4dv78ifbpx.jpg”

    if you want a good headshot to compare

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