Tiffany “New York” Pollard Gets Wonky Boob Job Fixed on “Botched”


tiffany new york pollard before plastic surgeryIt’s been a while since we have seen Tiffany “New York” Pollard, the outspoken reality star from Flavor Of Love and I Love New York. Tiffany, now 33-years-old, bares it all for the season 2 premier of Botched, all in hopes of having her “jacked up” implants fixed by the famous doctors. The outgoing diva grew up out of humble beginnings in Utica, New York. As the daughter of a minister Tiffany was very sheltered throughout her younger years. Her escape from her everyday world came through the TV. She would watch icons like Dolly Parton light up the screen in her living room.

In fact, it was Dolly Parton that actually inspired Tiffany to want breast implants in the first place. She said, “One day I was watching ‘Geraldo Rivera’ and I saw Dolly Parton walk out on stage. When I saw that white chick come on the screen with her blonde hair, her tiny waist and her big tits, I said, ‘That’s gonna be me one day.’”

When Tiffany was given the chance to appear on the reality show Flavor of Love she got her opportunity to show the world the real Tiffany Pollard. In an interview for Botched she explained that she was incredibly flat chested while filming Flavor of Love, and by the time the show wrapped up she was ready for a big change.

Post-production she was given the chance at her own reality show, I Love New York and she decided this was the perfect opportunity to undergo plastic surgery for breast implants. Tiffany went to one of the “finest doctors” in Hollywood, or so she thought…The doctor told her she could go as big as she wanted, and so she didn’t hold back one CC. When she woke up from surgery she was in so much pain but the pain couldn’t even compare to what her breasts looked like when she finally got a chance to see them without bandages. When describing her botched breast implants Tiffany so eloquently described it as, “One tit is in Africa and the other is in Europe.”

Tiffany gets her botched breasts checked out by Dr. DebrowTiffany-Pollard-Botched-467

Both of her breasts also felt different; she described one as a hard bowling ball and the other as slightly softer. As a result of her botched breast implants Tiffany said she has held back a lot over the last several years and she’s ready to live again. When Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif took a look at her breasts they admitted it would take a lot of surgery to correct what they called a “really significant breast deformity.”

tiffany new york pollard botched boob job fixed breast lift

tiffany new york pollard botched boob job

It wasn’t just Tiffany’s breasts the doctors decided to fix, she also had a deviated septum and wide nostrils Dr. Nassif planed to correct while she was under anesthesia for her breast augmentation.

tiffany new york pollard nose job

The doctors worked their magic, as always, giving Tiffany the look she dreamed of since she was just a young girl. Now that she’s got her botched breasts fixed and a new set of nostrils who knows what the world has in store for Tiffany… guess we will just have to wait and see!

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