Donda West’s Plastic Surgeon Blames Kanye West’s Cousin For Donda’s Death


In November of 2007, Kanye West’s mother, Donda West died after undergoing plastic surgery. Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Jan Adams was in the hot seat, as he was her doctor. While Dr. Adams was never charged for Donda’s death, he says his reputation has suffered ever since simply because people don’t know the facts.

Many people assume 58-year-old Donda died on Dr. Adam’s operating table, but instead she died at her house under the care of Kanye’s cousin who happens to be a registered nurse.

The doctor is now calling out Kanye West in hopes of clearing his tarnished reputation. He says that even after 8-years he is still unable to shake off the rumors and accusations, as he remains the scapegoat for her death.


Pictured Above: Dr. Jan Adams 

In the doctor’s own words, “If he (Kanye) had any balls he would speak out.”

Donda underwent 5 ½ hours of surgery including a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast reduction. While everything seemed fine immediately following her procedures, trouble was on the horizon.

On the coroner report Donda’s exact “manner of death” remains unknown, but vomiting and “medication use for pain” are both cited as contributing factors. Other factors cited in the report include her heart disease and complications related to her cosmetic surgery. One of these post-operative complications was bronchopneumonia in one lung.

Kanye and his mom at the 2006 Grammy Awards, just one year before her untimely death. 

Donda was five-foot-two and 188 pounds with coronary artery disease and serious blockages in two of her arteries. Yet it’s not her state of health that Dr. Adams is adamant caused her death. Instead, he says her death has to do with poor aftercare following surgery, which would make Stephan Scoggins, Kanye’s cousin as well as a registered nurse with a Ph.D. in public health, the responsible party.

Pictured Above: Dr. Stephan Scoggins, according to his website he works as a motivational speaker, author, life coach and vocalist.

Dr. Adams’ said: “It baffles me when nobody wants to know the truth. I think (Kanye) should stand up and tell the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Another Beverly Hills plastic surgeon has come out and said their clinic turned down Donda’s requests for plastic surgery due to her health condition. When they said no, Adams said yes. Adams still believes Donda was healthy enough for surgery.

Dr. Adams advised Donda to get aftercare treatment at a private recovery center, but she ignored his recommendations and instead went home following surgery. Adams believes Scoggins is the real scapegoat, because he did not install patient monitors and went to a baby shower the first day Donda was recovering, leaving her in the hands of a medically untrained friend.

For the record, Scoggins has denied all of the allegations made by Dr. Adams.

Regardless of her actual cause of death, Kanye’s mother’s sudden passing devastated him, just as it would any son. He and his mother were especially close. Donda spent over 20 years working for the English Department at Chicago State University but had retired 3-years prior to her death to help out with her son’s career. Kanye lovingly referred to her as his ‘momager,’ and included a song on his 2005 album Late Registration for her called Hey Mama.


Adams said, “It’s a complete tragedy. Don’t get me wrong, it makes me sick. She was a nice person. I do feel sad about what happened.” He added, “It didn’t need to happen, that’s why it’s sad. She should still be alive.”

Dr. Adams continues to fight for his reputation, saying, “I don’t have to worry, I have truth and God on my side, on this one I’m absolutely correct.”

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