Is Kris Jenner Trying to Keep Up with The Kardashians With New Butt Implants?


Kris Jenner is a queen ‘momager’ with a younger man (Corey Gamble) by her side, but that doesn’t mean she’s free of insecurities. In fact, it appears that she herself is trying to keep up with the younger Kardashians in her family, all of which can’t seem to get enough plastic surgery. Tabloids are currently circulating with rumors, and that’s all they are right now is rumors, claiming Kris Jenner has just gotten new butt implants, as well as another rhinoplasty procedure.


As if in proof of her new bootylicious backside, she was recently photographed with her boyfriend Corey Gamble, who seemed to be enjoying coping a feel of her rear assets. Thus sparking another rumor: Kris’ intentions behind her new booty have to do with wanting to keep her younger man interested.

In all reality, Kris Jenner could look like an overweight donkey and men would still want to marry her. Just think about it, every husband she’s had in the past has turned to gold thanks to her excellent managerial skills. Even Bruce Jenner (now Caitlyn Jenner) was hard pressed for work back when he first met Kris, but with her superstar marketing powers he was thrust back onto the scene.

Kris Jenner

The story of Kris Jenner’s new butt implants first aired via Celebrity Dirty Laundry and has since gotten some heat regarding the authenticity of the story. One source close to the Kardashian clan said the story is completely false and Kris has not gotten butt implants. But, when looking at pictures, you can’t deny that her backside does look a bit more ample and much perkier than before!

Kris Jenner’s butt then and now:
kris jenner butt implants

Obviously, the 59-year-old is no stranger to plastic surgery, even allowing her teen children to request what they please in the surgeon’s office. She dresses like her daughters, talks like her daughters and acts like them too, so why not have the same ample backsides, which have continually “grown” alongside their fame.

So what do you think—is Kris Jenner packing new heat in her behind, or is that the same ol’ booty she’s always had?

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  • avatar Helen Lamoureux says:

    I, Personally Admire the HELL out of this woman…I don’t agree w/some things BUT SHE is THE ORIGINAL!!!! AND…no doubt a verrrryyy insightful, creative, brilliant business woman and I think all the kids are WRONG to be so seemingly ungrateful, disrespectful and all the stupid, hurtful things they do and say to her!!! EACH ONE of those…brats! should KISS THE GROUND SHE WALKS ON and nothing but Praise and appreciate her. I believe her intent for them and her love for them is GENUINE as heck! and that probably she would love to be appreciated and thanked!! She is a gorgeous woman even with the tweaks…SHE is old enough to use the tweaks effectively. I feel-at her age, why not AND it is a matter of ‘good grooming’ to keep ones self up to look good and feel good mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. Doing so at 17; 18, 30, etc and to EXTREME’s (SHE doesn’t) is when these surgeries are RIDICULOUS!!!!

  • avatar Helen says:

    I have not said before ALL of what I said in my recent post here re Kris Kardashian. I LIKE her and admire HER! Please publicize my post as your discretion is not warranted NOR condusive to public freedom

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