Adrienne Curry

Adrienne Curry and Plastic Surgery

adrianne curry plastic surgeryAdrienne Curry found fame as the season 1 winner of “Americas Next Top Model”. Has the lime light pushed her into getting plastic surgery? She has admitted to getting breast implants, but has she gotten even more work done? Check out the pictures below and you be the judge.

Adrianna Curry and her upside down cleavage

Is it just me, or are Adrianne Curry’s breast implants on upside down? Adrianne showed up to the San Diego Comic Con, dressed as Christie Monteiro from the 90’s video game “Tekken”, and showing some serious under-boob! Adrianne, who has been booted from Comic Con for scandalous costumes before, got breast implants in 2008, and […]

I was looking through recent pictures of Adrienne Curry and began to wonder, “What happened to her face?”. I thought that perhaps she had plumped her lips or over-botoxed herself, so I dug up some older pictures of her and it became obvious what she did: Adrienne Curry got a nose job! Adrienne Curry Before […]

Reality show actress/model, Adrienne Curry, posed for Playboy twice. Once before she got breast implants and once after she got new boobs. Surprisingly, Adrienne’s boob job came out quite nice. Breast implants often look horrible on women that have low body fat (since there is nothing to conceal the breast implants), but Adrienne’s doctor did […]

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