AJ McLean

AJ McLean and Plastic Surgery

aj mclean plastic surgeryAJ McLean became an instant teen hearthrob in the 90’s when he was cast as a member of The Backstreet Boys. The boy band is still performing 20 years later and AJ has been honest about using modern science and plastic surgery to maintain his boyish looks. Check out AJ McLeans transformation below and tell us…Is AJ looking better before or after plastic surgery?

Backstreet Boy AJ McLean Before and After Hair Plugs

Remember the Backstreet Boys? In the early 90’s The Backstreet Boys released their first album and the boy band became instant teen heartthrobs. Twenty years later, surprisingly enough, The Backstreet Boys are not only still together, but they are one of the best selling music artists in the world. Unfortunately the Backstreet Boys looks aren’t […]

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