Alejandra Guzman

Alejandra Guzman and Plastic Surgery

alejandra guzman plastic surgeryAlejandra Guzman has been a wildly popular pop rock singer since the 80’s, with the majority of her fans being located in Latin America. Like most aging superstars, Alejandra has had a bit of help in the form of plastic surgery, but she has suffered some serious adverse effects from a botched butt job. Read more about Alejandra Guzman’s plastic surgery and see the pictures below.

Alejandra Guzman getting butt plumping injections

If you’re thinking about adding a little oomph to your buttocks, you may want to think again, unless you want to end up like Latina rock star Alejandra Guzman. The Grammy-winning singer and actress underwent cosmetic surgery back in 2009, and she is still paying the price of a botched butt job. As a result of bad plastic surgery performed by a “doctor” […]

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