Alicia Douvall

Alicia Douvall and Plastic Surgery

alicia douvall plastic surgeryAlicia Douvall is an English glamour model that has starred on several reality television shows. Alicia has admitted to being addicted to plastic surgery and has undergone a laundry list of plastic surgeries before the age of 30. Does Alicia suffer from BBD or simply bad judgement?

Celebrity Big Brother star Alicia Douvall was a beautiful young woman, but her addiction to plastic surgery has completely changed everything about her natural appearance. Douvall confesses, “Apart from my daughter’s education, I spent nothing on anything but surgery. I ate beans on toast and never had a holiday… I’ve had so much surgery, my […]

Alicia Douvall Plastic Surgery 2013

Alicia Douvall recently stepped out for a stroll in England and the 33-year old model looks like she has been severely beaten! Alicia, an admitted plastic surgery addict, has spent more than $1million on plastic surgery and this latest bout with her plastic surgeon has left more than just her bank account bruised. Alicia’s face […]

Alicia Douvall has revealed that she is pregnant and claims to have kicked her extreme plastic surgery addiction. Alicia has spend well over $1million on just about every plastic surgery ever invented, from multiple boob jobs to botched butt implants and even toe augmentation. According to Alicia: “I’ve had so many operations I can’t feel […]

Plastic surgery addict, Alicia Douvall, has recently claimed that she will no longer undergo plastic surgery after a painful botched butt augmentation. The Sun UK reports: “The 31-year-old reality TV star, who estimates she has splashed out a whopping £1million on cosmetic surgery, said her nightmare buttock op has put her off surgery for life. […]

Alicia Douvall is a English train wreck that has had 16 breast augmentation surgeries, as well as a shit-ton of other plastic surgery procedures, all by the tender age of 30. Alicia has admitted to addiction to plastic surgery, starred on several trashy reality show, promised her teen daughter that she will buy her breast […]

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