Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore and Plastic Surgery

amanda leporeAmanda Lepore was born a man and has used modern plastic surgery to turn himself not only into a women, but more of a caricature of a women. Was this the look Amanda Lepore intended when undergoing plastic surgery? Irregardless, Amanda Lepore is considered an icon in the transgender community.

Obviously Amanda Lepore has had a LOT of plastic surgery. The whole cartoon-like women is the look that she’s after, but even extreme plastic surgery like Amanda’s can be done tastefully. Quite honestly, I think her brow lift is heinous and very poorly executed. It looks like her plastic surgeon pulled her brow up as […]

Is it just me, or are Amanda Lepore and Sergey Zverev slowly morphing into the same person? Amanda Lepore & Sergey Zverev Both Amanda and Sergey have had extensive plastic surgery, surprisingly, only one is a transexual…

amanda lepore browlift

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