Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse and Plastic Surgery

amy winehouseAmy Winehouse…Where to begin? The drug abuse, the wacky behavior, the pure talent? What about plastic surgery? Has Amy caved to the pressures of fame and gone under the knife? Certainly seems as so. Check out the pictures below and tell us what you think.

Bald supermodel Naomi Cambell

Hair extensions have become extremely popular, especially with celebrities. So popular, in fact that many woman wouldn’t be caught dead without their hair extensions, and their addiction to perfectly coifed fake hair is leading them towards their worst nightmare…pre-mature balding! Well, us Average Janes with a love for hair extensions are not alone…Here are 5 […]

Rest In Peace Amy Winehouse


Amy Jade Winehouse September 14th, 1983 – July 23rd, 2011 Amy Winehouse has been found dead today, at her apartment in London. The cause of death has not been confirmed, but the popular singer has publicly battled a severe addiction to drugs and alcohol. Amy has spent the last couple of years in and out […]

Amy Winehouse got breast implants in 2009 and she still has not quite figured out how to keep them from popping out to greet the paparazzi. (Click image for uncensored version of Amy’s nip slips) It seems like every single set of pictures I have seen of Amy since she got her breast implants, include […]

Earlier this year, rumors were rampant that Amy Winehouse had gotten breast implants. For weeks she was spotted with gargantuan boobs hanging out of her low cut tops. Many wondered if Amy had gotten implants of if was she wearing a padded bra? Well, the mystery of Amy Winehouse’s ever changing bust line, SOLVED! Amy […]

Here are the most recent pictures of Amy Winehouse and her new breast implants: Amy taking the girls for a walk: Amy’s breast implants: It has become more then obvious that Amy did indeed get plastic surgery to increase the size of her breasts. You can see more before and after photos of Amy’s breast […]

NOOOOOO!!!! Amy, not you too! I really didn’t want to believe it, but from the photos I just scoured through, it does indeed appear that Amy Winehouse got herself a boob job. Amy Winehouse before breast implants: Amy Winehouse after breast implants: From what it looks like, Amy went from an A cup to a […]

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