Angela “Big Ang” Raiola

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola and Plastic Surgery

big any angela raiola plastic surgeryThey don’t call her “Big Ang” for nothing! Anglea Raiola clearly has had a boatload of plastic surgery and she’s not shy when it comes to confessing her love of plastic surgery. Angela has obviously augmented her giant lips, breasts and body, but perhaps more shocking than Big Ang’s over the top look after having plastic surgery, is that she was actually quite beautiful before!

bethenny frankel in 2010 after her second boob job

Apparently Bethenny Frankel has either been drinking on the job, or she has a very selective memory. The talk show host, who is known for blind-siding her guests and regularly asks them if they’ve had plastic surgery, got stuck in the hot seat when she asked Big Ang what plastic surgery she had done, and […]

big ang plastic surgery disaster

Let’s talk Big Ang from “Mob Wives”. I have only ever seen pictures of Angela Raiola, who goes by “Big Ang”, and I just can’t bring myself to watch actual video of this women (with fear that my brain might explode or worse, that bad plastic surgery is somehow contagious simply by viewing it in […]

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