Ashley Horn

Ashley Horn and Plastic Surgery

ashley horn plastic surgeryAshley Horn is the illegitimate half-sister of Lindsay Lohan, and if that wasn’t bad enough, Ashley decided to have plastic surgery to try and look more like her more famous (or infamous?) sister Lindsay. Her plan to try and get closer to her sister and become famous blew up in her face and she has faded back into obscurity, but you can still see Ashley Horn before and after plastic surgery here.

Lindsay Lohan and half sister Ashley Horn

Remember Lindsay Lohan’s illegitimate half-sister, that popped up a while ago? She was the result of Michael Lohan cheating on Lindsay’s mom Dina, and not surprisingly, Lindsay wants nothing to do with her. Apparently being faintly related to Lindsay Lohan is not enough for Ashley Horn and she has taken her obsession with Lindsay to […]

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