Au Natural

Au Natural and Plastic Surgery

beautiful without plastic surgeryWith the increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery, it’s becoming less and less common to find a celebrity that has not gone under the knife or needle. Who knew that being au natural would become so passe? Lots of celebrities claim to be au natural, but most of them are not being truthful or bending the meaning of what exactly is considered plastic surgery.

adam richman fat before weight loss

The Travel Channel’s former hit show Man vs. Food was basically one giant eating competition for host Adam Richman, and in the end, food obviously won out over man, because when he retired from the show in 2012, he was a whopping 70 pounds overweight. Once he ditched the show though, Adam says he overcame […]

lorde mac makeup photoshop

Lorde, the 17-year-old pop star made famous for her summertime smash hit “Royals,” is known around the world not only for her sultry vocals and catchy lyrics, but for her no-nonsense stance against Photoshop and digitally retouched photos, which she says creates an obsession with “unattainable perfection.” In a tweet to her 1.3 million followers, […]

princess buttercup robin wright wrinkles facelift plastic surgery

The Netflix original series House of Cards almost had to cast a different actress to play Claire Underwood. Robin Wright stands firm when it comes to her beliefs, and original proposals for the show did not sound favorable to the 48-year old long-time actress. Admittedly she says, “I’m not up there with Kate Winslet and […]

beyonce natural beauty plastic surgery

Rumor has it that, when it comes to her stunning looks and perfect body, Beyonce is faker than a 3 dollar bill. If you believe the gossip websites and tabloids Beyonce has had everything done: from her nose and her lips, to her boobs and her hips. Apparently Beyonce also has butt implants, got a […]

Pamela Anderson 2014 Has Wrinkles

The ultimate sex symbol of the 90’s is without a doubt, Pamela Anderson. She basically paved the way when it comes to being unapologetically, and over the top, sexy. So in this day and age of desperate housewives hopelessly clinging to their plastic surgeons in hopes of finding the fountain of young in a needle […]

Jerry Hall 2013

Single and searching, superstar model (and Mick Jagger’s ex) Jerry Hall has admitted that she does not believe in plastic surgery, yet somehow at 56 she virtually has no wrinkles. Still, the model doesn’t want to look like everyone else with a tightly pulled face; “They scare small children and they think they look really […]

Joe Manganiello from True Blood

How is it that some of the hottest men on the planet were once the geekiest kids in school?! Our ugly duckingly of the day today is Joe Manganiello and you won’t believe what he looked like back in the day! Joe Manganiello then and now: Yes, that is right, that skinny, bespectacled kid with […]

Other critics are pointing a finger at her stomach, questioning how she whipped her body back into shape after giving birth to her four kids, Helene, Henry, Johan and Lou. Hmm…looks like she opted for good old-fashioned diet and exercise folks! Or so she claims. Heidi is a big advocate of living a healthy and […]

Sexiest Woman Alive 2012 Mila Kunis

Esquire Magazine has revealed that Mila Kunis is their “Sexiest Woman Alive” 2012 and we are excited to see an all natural, super hot woman as their pick! Mila Kunis is The Sexiest Woman Alive 2012: Mila is one of the few hot woman in Hollywood that has not had plastic surgery and, well, it’s […]

psy gangham style video

Unless you’ve been living on the moon for the past few months, you have seen and heard of Korean pop sensation PSY, and his kitschy (and catchy) hit song, “Gangham Style”. PSY has become more than just an internet sensation and Gangnam Style is close to taking the #1 spot on the Billboard Top 100 […]

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