Audrey O’Day

Audrey O’Day and Plastic Surgery

audrey odayAudrey O’Day found fame by appearing on the reality show “Making the Band 3” and by being chosen to be a part of the girl band “Danity Kane”. She has changed quite a bit from her pre-Hollywood days, is a plastic surgeon to blame? We think that Audrey O’day has over-done the plastic surgery too young. What do you think?

Take one quick look at Aubrey O’Day’s Instagram account and you can see that this girl is seriously obsessed with herself. If you want to see picture after picture of 29-year old Aubrey posing in the bathroom for bikini selfies or pouting desperately into her phone camera, you should totally follow her. Any how, I […]

aubrey oday before and after photoshop fake weight loss

So apparently Aubrey O’day is still photoshopping the hell out of all of the selfies she posts on her Instagram account… Aubrey O’Day in real life and on Instagram: Check out the picture of Aubrey above in the pink dress. She posted this shot, showing her butt busting out of her dress, but if you […]

Aubrey Oday before and after photoshop

Months ago we saw this photo (link is NSFW) that Audrey O’Day posted to Instagram, and it made us think: “Wow Audrey O’Day either got a ton of liposuction or she is badly photoshopping her Instagram photos”. Upon further investigation, uh, yeah, Audrey’s Instagram is full of obviously photoshopped photos and selfies that look nothing […]

Boy, Aubrey O’Day sure does look like crap after all of the plastic surgery she has had. Seriously I think Aubrey and Heidi Montag are running neck in neck for title of “Worst Plastic Surgery Under 30”. Aubrey O’Day before and after plastic surgery: Aubrey is only 27 years old and has gigantic breast implants, […]

Audrey O’Day (Of “Making the Band” & member of Danity Kane) is looking quite porntastic lately. She used to be a really, really gorgeous girl, but after getting plastic surgery, she just looks like a textbook trashy pornstar. Audrey Oday before and after plastic surgery It appears that Audrey O’day has gotten D-cup breast implants […]

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