Bad Plastic Surgery

Bad Plastic Surgery and Plastic Surgery

bad plastic surgeryWho has the worst plastic surgery in the world? That is a matter of opinion I suppose, but there are plenty of celebrities with bad plastic surgery. Sadly, bad plastic surgery is almost impossible to fix. Check out these posts on bad plastic surgery and you’ll probably think twice about going under the knife!

Do you regret getting breast implants? Well, if so, you are not alone. Here is a list of celebrities that had breast augmentation and then later had their breast implants removed: – Loni Anderson – Pamela Anderson (She had 2nd thoughts and later replaced them.) – Kate Beckinsale – Linda Blair – Nicole Eggert – […]

Oh. Wow. Does this chick really think her fake ass looks good? CENSORED – Click for photo This women looks like a cartoon! I doubt that giggles and laughs are the reactions she was hoping to get after getting butt implants. If she only went half that size, she may have just looked like she […]

Here is a video about a women who paid $5500 for butt implants, only to have them end up droopy and painful: People that are unhappy with the results of their cosmetic surgeries are more common then most people realize. Plastic surgery disappointment is not very publicized because most people are too embarrassed by the […]

Rapper Lil Kim has undergone quite a transformation thanks to her plastic surgeon. Well, I wouldn’t exactly thank her cosmetic surgeon, but I guess it’s her choice to look like this… Lil Kim before plastic surgery: Lil Kim after lots of plastic surgeries: Little Kim has undergone some major changes, including breast implants, tummy tuck, […]

Looks like another young Hollywood star (Ashley Tisdale) has fallen pray to the vanity of Hollywood and royally fucked up her face by getting a horrible nose job. Ashley Tisdale before her nose job: Ashley Tisdale after her nose job: Ashley’s nose looks SO much better before she had the nose job performed. It was […]

I saw the following talk show regarding teens and plastic surgery, and it made me so mad! What sort of cosmetic surgeon would operate on an insecure child? Teens bodies are still growing and changing, so I find it totally absurd that these doctors and parents would condone teens receiving plastic surgery. What do you […]

With every passing year, it appears that Lisa Rhinna’s lips grow increasingly larger… Lisa Rinna before lip injections: Lisa Rinna after lip injections: I wonder how much collagen she has to pump into those things to keep them oddly inflated like that?! It looks like Lisa Rinna is a fan of Botox as well. Although […]

Some people feel that plastic surgery will fix all of their problems, but the problem is often more then just skin deep. For people with body dismorphia or those with addictive personalities, plastic surgery can quickly become an addiction.Here is one such case of plastic surgery addiction (as well as shopping addiction) as featured on […]

Donda West, Kanye West’s mom, died dued to complication of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Donda had two cosmetic surgeries (tummy tuck and breast reduction) performed at the same time, and died at her home two days later. Kanye West’s mother was 58 years old when she died. The surgery that caused Donda West’s death was performed […]

Infamous Hollywood Madame, Heidi Fleiss, has gotten herself a new pair of lips. Heidi Fleiss before plastic surgery Heidi Fleiss after plastic surgery It also looks like Heidi had some sort of face work and/or botox done, which has pulled her eyebrows way too high up on her forehead. Personally, I think Heidi Fleiss looked […]

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