Bad Plastic Surgery

Bad Plastic Surgery and Plastic Surgery

bad plastic surgeryWho has the worst plastic surgery in the world? That is a matter of opinion I suppose, but there are plenty of celebrities with bad plastic surgery. Sadly, bad plastic surgery is almost impossible to fix. Check out these posts on bad plastic surgery and you’ll probably think twice about going under the knife!

Jon Mack before and after bad plastic surgery

We know that it’s called “plastic surgery”, but we’re pretty sure that you don’t literally want your face to look like plastic, right? Well, unfortunately Jon Mack’s plastic surgeon didn’t get the memo and she showed up to the Emmy’s looking scarily over-done. Jon Mack before and after plastic surgery: The D-list singer/model/actress, who has […]

Courtney Stodden on Big Brother

In case you havn’t heard, Courtney Stodden is currently on the British reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” and is terrorizing her housemates with her insanely gigantic fake boobs. Courtney shows off her new DDD breast implants on “Celebrity Big Brother”: (Worst. Boob. Job. Ever!) Courtney, who just turned 19, seems to be enjoying her time […]

lil kim before and after hip implants

And, the winner of the worst plastic surgery at the MTV Video Music Awards is…Lil Kim! Lil Kim then and now: While everyone is all up in arms about Miley Cyrus bumpin’ and grindin’ and Lady Gaga stripping down to a g-string, while they performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, what about Lil Kim?! […]

Jwoww bad plastic surgery 2013

Do you remember Jenni “Jwoww” Farley when she actually used to be kind of hot? I mean she was never supermodel gorgeous, but when she appeared on season one of Jersey Shore, she was definitely the “Whoa that drunk girl with the huge boobs looks hot” type of hot. Was season one of Jersey Shore […]

Portia Derossi Plastic Surgery 2013

The fourth season of Arrested Development debuted over the weekend and fans that have been waiting nearly 7 years since the last season ended and the show was canceled, are pretty darn excited. One thing that fans seemed to be confused about is that Porti Derossi no longer looks like Portia Derossi! Immediately after the […]

Alicia Douvall Plastic Surgery 2013

Alicia Douvall recently stepped out for a stroll in England and the 33-year old model looks like she has been severely beaten! Alicia, an admitted plastic surgery addict, has spent more than $1million on plastic surgery and this latest bout with her plastic surgeon has left more than just her bank account bruised. Alicia’s face […]

Nikki Cox before and after lip augmentation

Remember Nikki Cox? She had a pretty extensive and successful acting career that started in the early 90’s. She was known for her beautiful smile and the gorgeous actress was often cast as a love interest or for a “hot chick” type roll. So what exactly happened to Nikki Cox and why did her career […]

Jenny McCarthy Crazy Face

What do you get when you combine a pretty former-Playboy playmate with suddenly being single on your 40th birhtday? Apparently, it is the catalyst for an epicly bad mid-life crisis! Our case is point is Jenny McCarthy and her bizarre behavior as of late. Jenny McCarthy shot to fame in the early 90’s thanks […]

Lil Kim WTF Plastic Surgery Face

Kimberly “Lil’ Kim” Jones has come a long way since she dropped her record making album, ‘HardCore’, in 1996 and it appears that she is breaking a different kind of record nowadays. The 38-year old rapper, and obvious fan of plastic surgery, stepped out in Hollywood this week debuting yet another reinvention of her face. […]

Jwoww Snooki plastic surgery instagram

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi posted a picture on Instagram recently and it got us to thinking…Either Snooki is blind, or she hates her BFF, Jenni “Jwoww” Farley. Jwoww and Snooki…What are they really thinking? Snooki posted the photo to her Instagram account with the comment: “Sexy biatch! @jennijwowwmtv“, aimed at her supposed best friend, Jenni “Jwoww” […]

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