Barbie Bennett

Barbie Bennett and Plastic Surgery

barbie bennett plastic surgeryObviously Barbie Bennett has had a boatload of plastic surgery. From the over-inflated lips, to the frozen face and the humongous breast implants, Barbie Bennett has done it all…Including hypnotherapy to turn her into a “brainless sex doll”. She also video tapes her plastic surgeries for men that pay her to do so in order to satisfy their plastic surgery fetishes.

brainless barbie bennett plastic surgery

There have been dozens of women who claim to be the “Real Life Barbie” after they’ve obsessively changed their faces and bodies with plastic surgery. Sarah Burge, Valeria Lukyanova and Cindy Jackson have all cashed in their 15-minutes of fame attesting to look like the popular plastic Barbie Doll, but watch out ladies, here comes […]

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