Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton and Plastic Surgery

billy bob thornton plastic surgeryEven seemingly down to earth actors like Billy Bob Thornton are susceptible to insecurities that can land them in the operating room of a plastic surgeon. Billy Bob certainly looks different and a bit odd lately and it appears that bad plastic surgery is to blame. Billy Bob Thornton has had more than his fair share of plastic surgery, so is it time to swear off and age naturally?

Billy Bob Thornton Before and After Botox

Apparently Billy Bob Thornton has been playing Hollywood plastic surgery roulette and has come out looking like this… Billy Bob Thornton before and after plastic surgery: Billy Bob, who is 56 years old, recently appeared on Nightline and our inbox was immediately flooded with “WTF HAPPENED TO BILLY BOB’S FACE!” emails. Well, we have the […]

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