Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift and Plastic Surgery

brazilian butt liftThe Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical cosmetic procedure that uses liposuction and fat transfer to give you a bigger, more prominent butt. The plastic surgeon sculpts the butt by removing fat from around the butt and then injects the fat collected during liposuction back into the buttocks to increase the size and improve the shape. Average cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift: $7500.

selena gomez butt lift plastic surgery booty

Disney and Nickelodeon stars that go mainstream have one thing in common: they feel the need to sex-up their image in order to ditch their squeaky clean reputation. Selena Gomez is no different, and rumor has it that she is also vamping it up to impress ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Although Selena is now dating musician […]

Shahs of Sunset reality star Golnesa “GG” Garachedaghi isn’t ashamed to admit she recently underwent plastic surgery. Unlike most Hollywood celebs that love to lie about obvious cosmetic alterations, GG is proud to flaunt what her credit card bought her… a new set of boobs! Prior to her breast implants, 33-year old GG also had fat […]

Aside from the visible scars that she hates, the after effects of Heidi Montag’s countless plastic surgeries reach more than just skin deep. In a candid Interview with Extra, Heidi reveals what life is like today dealing with the painful side effects, such as TMJ disorder, related to spending $30,000+ changing her body and face 5-years ago. […]

Looks like Brazilians are getting a lot more plastic surgery than ever before. At the end of July, the O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper reported 1.49 million cosmetic procedures preformed in 2013. That’s 40,000 more cosmetic surgeries than American doctors performed last year! Just over two years ago, here at Famous Plastic we reported […]

Khloe and Kim Kardashian Butt Implants 2014

Khloe Kardashian and her sister Kim stepped out last week to go to the NBC Universal Upfronts Presentation in New York and…Good God! Look at Khloe’s gigantic new fake butt!! Kim and Khloe Kardashian at the 2014 NBC Universal Upfronts last week: Khloe showed up with her sister Kim, and they proceeded to pose in […]

Take one quick look at Aubrey O’Day’s Instagram account and you can see that this girl is seriously obsessed with herself. If you want to see picture after picture of 29-year old Aubrey posing in the bathroom for bikini selfies or pouting desperately into her phone camera, you should totally follow her. Any how, I […]

Mariann Gavelo before and after Brazilian Butt Lift plastic surgery

Mariann Gavelo wants you to believe that her gigantic badonkadonk is the real deal. And she thinks that her infant diaper size will prove the authenticity of her huge adulthood booty. According to Mariann: “My bottom is real … Real!!! I used large diapers as a kid. Seriously, the older I get, the bigger it […]

Teen Plastic Surgery - Jennifer Lopez Girls

Love may not cost a thing, but butt implants sure do! A London teen named Jennifer Lopez (Coincidence? We think not!) recently spilled the beans about the more than $30,000 her mom spent on plastic surgery to make the teen girl and her younger sister more bootylicious. During their teen years, the Lopez girls underwent […]

Kesha Before and After Butt Implants

Looks like Ke$ha got tired of being the butt of butt-less jokes and bought herself a new booty! Ke$ha posted a nude picture of herself to her Instagram and Twitter account revealing the results of what appears to be a butt augmentation surgery. Kesha in 2010 and in 2013: Fans have been speculating that Ke$ha […]

Man with Silicon Horn Body Mods

While tattoo culture crossed over into the mainstream years ago, body mods and plastic surgery are also becoming socially acceptable ways for people to express themselves. Like tattoos, body mods and plastic surgery permanently alter your body, but they can actually be much more difficult to hide or erase than that tribal tramp stamp or […]

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