Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation and Plastic Surgery

breast augmentationBreast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the world. Breast augmentation can make your breasts bigger or smaller, depending on if you opt for breast implants or a reduction surgery. See celebrities before and after breast augmentation below. Average cost for breast augmentation surgery: $6000

Diora Baird is a 25-year-old up and coming actress and model with a gigantic rack. She’s sporting 32DD’s to be exact, which is huge considering her petite frame. Are Diora’s breast real or does she have implants? CENSORED – Click for photo There is no denying that Diora Baird has an amazing body, but is […]

Hollywood starlets arn’t the only ones getting boob jobs nowadays. Tattoo artist and editor in chief of Tattoo & Piercing magazine, Lane Jenson, decided to treat the tattoo of a sexy cowgirl on this leg to a set of breast implants. Lane Jenson’s tattoo with breast implants: Unfortunately, the silicon implants were rejected by Jenson’s […]

I couldn’t help but notice that Melanie Brown (aka: Scary Spice, of the Spice Girls) has extremely large knockers nowadays. I didn’t remember her having obviously large boobs back in her Spice Girl’s years, so I did some digging and found some old pictures of Scary Spice and it is clear that she has indeed […]

When any women opts for breast implants, there are several possible complications that can span from bad to worse. Better then death, but worse then other complications is: Symmastia Allaura Sweet & Her Symmastic Breast Implants: CENSORED – Click for photo Symmastia happens when the plastic surgeon over-dissects the tissue in your chest cavity, essentially […]

Katie Price, aka Jordan, has the worst augmented breasts I have ever seen. Hands down. Here are some topless pictures of Katie Price that show how horribly scarred her nipples have become after having breast augmentation surgery. Her nipples are no longer round, they are ice cream cone shaped. Katie “Jordan” Price’s horrible scarred breasts: […]

Another girl from MTV’s faux-reality show, “The Hills”, has followed in the footsteps of Heidi Montag and gotten herself a new rack. Audrina Patridge recently appeared on a b-movie set sporting a new set of boobs. Audrina Patridge before breast implants: Audrina Patridge after breast implants: I wonder if Audrina went to the same plastic […]

Janice Dickinson has admittedly spent around $100,000 on plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures. To date, Janice has had the following procedures: * Tummy Tuck * Breast Implants * Lip Implant * Cheek Implants * Neck Lift * Face Lift * Breast Lift * Liposuction * Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgeries * Injectable Fillers (such as […]

Earlier this year, rumors were rampant that Amy Winehouse had gotten breast implants. For weeks she was spotted with gargantuan boobs hanging out of her low cut tops. Many wondered if Amy had gotten implants of if was she wearing a padded bra? Well, the mystery of Amy Winehouse’s ever changing bust line, SOLVED! Amy […]

Tara Reid used to be so damn cute and sexy. Then she got plastic surgery… Tara Reid before plastic surgery: Tara Reid after breast implants and liposuction: Tara Reid got breast implants and had liposuction/body contouring on her stomach and both procedures turned out horribly. I can honestly say that my 70 year old grandmother […]

Previously, I had blogged about the girls of Rock of Love 2 and Bret Michaels love of fake boobies. I had mentioned that Ambre Lake was one of the few contestants that did not have breast implants. Oh! But how things have changed for Ambre since she won Rock of Love 2! Ambre Lake before […]

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