Bret Michaels

Bret Michaels and Plastic Surgery

bret michael plastic surgeryBret Michaels became famous as the lead singer for 80’s hair metal band “Poison”. Bret has been quite popular with the ladies, but as he gets older has his confidence dimmed? It has been rumored that Bret Michaels has had plastic surgery, can you guess what he’s had done?

Billboard Magazine has taken a lot of flack in regards to their cover featuring Bret Michaels, which looks heavily photoshopped. In response, Billboard has released the pre-photoshop version of Bret Michaels in the buff. Either way, something looks bizarre about Bret Michaels, and it’s not just the over-use of the Photoshop burn tool. It actually […]

After posting about Daisy DaLaHoya’s plastic surgery, it was brought to my attention that it appears that Bret Michaels prefers to keep the company of surgically enhanced breasts. On Bret Michaels dating reality show, “Rock of Love 2”, there are six women left in the running and four of these six women have breast implants. […]

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