Bridalplasty and Plastic Surgery

bridalplasty reality showBridalplasty is a reality show where 12 brides-to-be compete for various plastic surgery procedures in the quest to become the “perfect” bride and to win their dream wedding. Are these women insane? Possibly! Watch full episodes of Bridalplasty below.

Allyson Donovan won the first season of Bridalplasty and won her dream wedding, as well as all of the plastic surgery she could ever want. Allyson was the unemployed underdog from Illinois who was called a “truck driver in a ball gown” by one of Bridalplasty’s wedding experts. Allyson Donovan’s original plastic surgery “wish list” […]

Here is the final episode (episode 10) of the first season of Bridalplasty. We finally find out who wins and who will become “the perfect bride” (by having a bunch of unnecessary plastic surgery) and win their dream wedding. Watch the finale of Bridalplasty below:

Here is the full episode 9 of Bridalplasty. Episode 9 is titled “Keep Your Friends Close” and this episode has the final elimination before the finale. Two brides will be eliminated and the final two brides will be revealed. Will it be Janessa, Allyson, Dominique or Cheyenne. Watch episode 9 below and find out!

Bridalplasty episode 9 is titled “Keep Your Friends Close” and is coming up! To keep you Bridalplasty fanatics happy, here are two teaser video clips:

Bridalplasty episode 8 is up and ready to watch for all of you Bridalplasty fans! Episode 8 is titled “A Lie is a Lie is a Lie” and the brides compete in a lie detector challenge after having a discussion about honesty with Adrienne Curry and Christopher Knight. Watch the full episode below to see […]

Here is the full episode 7 of E! reality show Bridalplasty. This episode is titled “Mother-in-lord-help-us” and unexpected guests show up to compete with the remaining brides. Watch episode 7 below to see who these new competitors are and what plastic surgery procedure is being performed this week!

We have gotten a ton of requests to post episode 6 of the E! reality show “Bridalplasty”, so here it is! The episode is titled “Flower Power” and in this episode the brides are challenged to design a bouquet for her wedding. Who wins and what plastic surgery procedure does she get? Watch the full […]

Here is the full episode 5 of Bridalplasty, which is titled “Sporting of a Sparrow”. In this episode the brides bedroom knowledge is challenged in a Kama Sutra themed challenge. Who wins and what plastic surgery will she choose to have done? Watch the full episode below and find out!

Due to popular request, we are working on getting episode 5 of Bridalplasty up for you all to watch. In the meantime, here are some clips from the episode of “Sporting of the Sparrow” (Bridalplasty episode 5): We’ll have the full Bridalplasty episode 5 up ASAP!

Here is episode 4 of the bridal plastic surgery show “Bridalplasty”: Each week there is a bridal themed contest that these women compete in, and the winner is immediately “whisked away” to have the plastic surgery of her choice. So far, Cheyanne has had a nose job and Kristen has had a boob job. Who […]

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