Brigitte Nielson

Brigitte Nielson and Plastic Surgery

brigitte nielsonBrigitte Nielson was an actress and model in the 80’s and more recently has been on several reality television shows. Brigitte has been honest about getting plastic surgery and even starred in a reality show documenting her recent plastic surgery makeover.

Brigette Nielsen tried to whip up much to do about her German reality show “From Old to New: Brigitte Nielsen in the Celebrity Clinic”, where she underwent several plastic surgery procedures on camera. Well, I just saw the before and after pictures and I think she should have saved herself $100,000 and just went to […]

Brigitte Nielsen was an extemely hot model/actress in the 80’s, and she just can’t seem to accept that her glory days are over. She has appears on numerous reality shows that feature washed up celebrities, including “The Surreal Life”, “The Mole”, “Strange Love”, “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Celebrity Rehab”. Now, Brigitte Nielson is starring in […]

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