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Britney Spears and Plastic Surgery

britney spearsBritney Spears career in show business started when she was a child and she has essentially grown up in the public eye. Did plastic surgery help this pop princess achieve her success, or has her insecurity gotten the best of her?

britney spears reveals plastic surgery

Say it ain’t so! Britney Spears has had plastic surgery! The 32-year-old pop star has been praised as a natural beauty since she broke onto the music scene in the 90s, but in the January edition of InStyle magazine, Brit admits that she has someone else besides Mother Nature to thank […]

Bald supermodel Naomi Cambell

Hair extensions have become extremely popular, especially with celebrities. So popular, in fact that many woman wouldn’t be caught dead without their hair extensions, and their addiction to perfectly coifed fake hair is leading them towards their worst nightmare…pre-mature balding! Well, us Average Janes with a love for hair extensions are not alone…Here are 5 […]

Britney Spears has a new video out for her song “Hold It Against Me” and it looks like she may be debuting a new body as well as her new song. If you ask me, it looks like Britney may have had a boob job and some work (liposuction? Tummy tuck?) done on her stomach. […]

Rolling Stone magazine is reporting that Britney Spears did indeed get breast implants as a teen (with her mothers consent), but had them later removed. According to Rolling Stone’s source, Britney “regretted the implants, particularly because her chest was still growing, and when her natural breasts became larger, she had the implants removed.” There have […]

Do you regret getting breast implants? Well, if so, you are not alone. Here is a list of celebrities that had breast augmentation and then later had their breast implants removed: – Loni Anderson – Pamela Anderson (She had 2nd thoughts and later replaced them.) – Kate Beckinsale – Linda Blair – Nicole Eggert – […]

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