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Bruce Jenner and Plastic Surgery

bruce jennerBruce Jenner is a former olympic athlete that somehow got caught up in Hollywood and the world of plastic surgery. He has admitted to having multiple facelifts and a nose job. Bruce is the stepfather of the very plastic Kardashian sisters, who gifted him with a facelift for his birthday. Is Bruce done with plastic surgery or is this just the beginning?

bruce jenner sex change

Bruce Jenner’s big reveal as a woman came out today, as he graced the cover of Vanity Fair magazine with the headline “Call me Caitlyn”. The former olympian and Kardashian patriarch, posed coyly on the cover of the magazine in a sexy white corset and panties, with full makeup and new hair extensions. And while […]

Two-weeks ago 65-year-old Bruce Jenner finally revealed to the world what we have all been waiting to hear: he is in fact making the transition to a woman. While it’s all rather new to the world, it isn’t new to Bruce Jenner at all. He’s been dealing with these feelings his entire life, and even […]

Everyone that regularly appears on the Kardashian reality show has one thing in common: they can’t get enough plastic surgery, and Bruce Jenner is no exception. Earlier this month, 65-year-old Bruce stepped out in Westlake Village, California sporting a much fuller set of lips. His new lips look to be about twice the size of […]

Bruce Jenner… transforming into a woman? I didn’t believe it at first, I thought it HAD to be just rumors. Bruce was just getting a little too excited about Botox and hair products perhaps. After all, Bruce Jenner was arguably the most normal person featured in his family’s reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, […]

It’s the question of the ages: Is Bruce Jenner undergoing cosmetic procedures to become a woman or is he simply addicted to plastic surgery, Michael Jackson-style? Okay, so it may not be the question of the ages, but it’s one everyone is asking these days. And while the Kardashian klan is vehemently denying rumors that […]

Bruce Jenner Father of Lil Kim's Baby

In an unexpected statement, Bruce Jenner has revealed that he is most likely the father of Lil Kim’s unborn baby. Bruce recently split from Kris Jenner, his wife of 23-years, and is happily playing the field. Lil Kim’s pregnancy was unplanned and Bruce and Lil Kim are not officially dating, but as Bruce so eloquently […]

Kris Kardashian before and after plastic surgery on her face

Ever wonder why Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner appears to be an indeterminate age even as she nears a ripe 60 years old? Massive amounts of plastic surgery, of course! As the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star attempts to do just that, she is gradually looking more like a sister to Kim, Kourtney and Khloe […]

Bruce Jenner Lip Augmentation Plastic Surgery

Does anyone remember when Bruce Jenner was a manly athlete and had his face plastered on boxes of Wheaties? Granted, Bruce Jenner’s athletic peak was in the 70’s, before most of us were born, but he was a badass that kicked butt at the Montreal Olympics and won a gold medal for the decathlon. Do […]

When it comes to the topic of celebrity plastic surgery, Kim Kardashian’s name usually tops the list of discussion. But what about the rest of the Kardashians? This family has obviously had a lot of work done at the hands of a plastic surgeon. Here, we break down the Kardashian’s and how they were built/rebuilt […]

Bruce Jenner after his 2nd facelift After many years of speculation, Bruce Jenner admits he had a face lift and rhinoplasty 25 years ago. So, wait a second here…Bruce Jenner got a partial face lift when he was only 35 years old?! Now that is just bizarre. More recently, for Bruce’s 60th birthday, his step […]

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