Butt Lift

Butt Lift and Plastic Surgery

butt liftA butt lift can give you the appearance of a firm, round butt, with or without implants. A “Brazilian Butt Lift” combines the lift with liposuction to better define the butt. What celebrities have had butt lift surgery? Check out before and after pictures of celebrities that have had a butt lift below.

Sharon Osborne before and after a ton of plastic surgery

Sharon Osbourne has finally realized that her plastic surgery isn’t fooling anyone, and claims that she is done trying to turn back the clock by going under the knife. Apparently it only took a couple of leaky breast implants and hitting the big 6-0 to figure that one out. The television host has undergone a […]

Kate Hudson Butt Augmentation

Kate Hudson surprised us all when she decided to get breast implants in 2010, but it looks like her body makeover didn’t stop there! The 33-year old mother of two recently stepped out looking curvier than usual, showing off her larger derriere in a pair of tight jeans. Did Kate Hudson have butt augmentation surgery? […]

Melanie Brown before and after butt implants

A few months ago I was sent some pictures of Melanie Brown (formerly “Scary Spice” of the Spice Girls), rocking a teeny bikini on a boat in Australia. Normally, pictures of Mel B make me think, “Damn! Girlfriend has been spending some time in the gym and looks amazing!”, but this time my reaction was […]

Lacey Wildd Has Had Bad Plastic Surgery

Meet Lacey Wildd. Censored – Click for picture of Lacey Wildd Lacey is not only amazingly sexy, but she has dreams and goals too. The 44-year old self described “model” is hoping to soon have her 13th breast enlargement surgery in an attempt to become the woman with the 5th largest boobs in the world. […]

Celebrity Butt Augmentation

Big butts are definitely in style! Celebrities and regular people alike are all having butt augmentation surgeries to achieve the bootilicious look that has become oh so popular. Most celebrities will not admit that they’ve had their butt surgically altered, but you just can’t deny the difference when you compare the before and after photos! […]

Renee Graziano after butt lift and tummy tuck

“Mob Wives” star, Renee Graziano recently had plastic surgery on her butt and stomach, and is eager to show off the results…while grinding a stripper pole. Pictures: TMZ Renee went under the knife in July and had a tummy tuck and butt lift, which set her back nearly $30,000. Now that she is healed up […]

Ever since the world watched Pippa Middleton follow her sister Kate down the aisle, the internets have been ablaze with how amazing Pippa Middleton’s butt is. There are websites and facebook pages dedicated to Pippa’s posterior and plastic surgeons claiming that they have received a huge increase in butt surgeries on women who want their […]

It’s not really a big surprise since she’s more plastic then human, but it looks like Sophie Turner has gotten butt implants. Sophie Turner before and after getting plastic surgery on her booty: Sophie Turner is an Australian model that became famous after appearing on the reality show “Search for a Stripper? Supermodel”. I was […]

Heidi Montag will do anything to stay in the spotlight as her 15 minutes of fame begins to dim. Most recently she puts on her best sad face for the cover of Life&Style magazine while she reveals the obvious: Plastic surgery causes scars. In the Life&Style spread, Heidi shows off the scar left under her […]

Kim Kardashian has always adamantly denied having plastic surgery. She has even going so far as making a post on her blog titled “I Never Had Plastic Surgery!“. Well, Kim’s ex-husband has revealed in court documents that Kim is a big fat liar. Kim has had liposuction as well as breast implants, all paid for […]

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