Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz and Plastic Surgery

cameron diazCameron Diaz is a natural beauty, yet she has undergone plastic surgery and has admitted to having at least one nose job. Will Cameron’s healthy lifestyle help her maintain her beauty, or will she be returning to her plastic surgeon as she gets older? You’ll be surprised what Cameron recently had done…Check out Cameron Diaz before and after plastic surgery below!

cameron diaz after bad botox injections

In 2012, Cameron Diaz couldn’t really make a public appearance without the media focusing their attention on her face. The pretty actress, who is known for her beaming smile and expressive face, left fans aghast with her new look after having bad plastic surgery. Cameron Diaz in 2012, at the height of her Botox abuse: […]

Time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity news stories: Scarlett Johansson got the worst tattoo we’ve seen in a while. – The Superficial Lady Gaga in a bikini in Brazil proves our theory that stars that gain weight and tell the media that they “love their new curves” are […]

Cameron Diaz and Her Bolt On Boobs

Terry Richardson recently shot a photoshoot for British Esquire Magazine, featuring Cameron Diaz and her bolt-on breast implants in lingerie. And while Terry did a great job photoshopping her face back together (remember these scary pics?), Cameron’s bad boob job stole the show. The 40-year old actress debuted the new breast implants during a bikini […]

Cameron Diaz before and after breast implants

Back in January, Cameron Diaz debuted some larger lady lumps thanks to a pair of new breast implants. Initially, we thought that the implants looked okay on Cameron and would eventually settle in for a natural look, thanks to the small implant size that she chose. Unfortunately, new pictures of Cameron show her breast implants […]

Cameron Diaz before and after breast implants

The paparazzi recently caught up with Cameron Diaz while on holiday in Hawaii and as the photogs snapped pictures of Cameron, the super-fit actress, who is normally happy to be photographed in a bikini, covered up quickly with a cardigan sweater. Apparently Cameron has something to hide from the cameras, and it certainly isn’t holiday […]

Tara Reid is annoying. She has partied her face off for the last 10 years and expected a plastic surgeon to erase the damage she has done to her body. Now she wants to whine and cry about how it’s the plastic surgeons fault that she looks like a haggard barbie doll that got smooshed […]

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