Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra and Plastic Surgery

carmen electra plastic surgeryCarmen Electra underwent plastic surgery that jump started her career as a model in the 90’s. She has been candid about her obvious breast implants, but has she recently been back to the plastic surgeon in order to maintain her youthful look? Carmen seems to have stopped the clock and shows very little signs of aging even though she is in her 40’s.

Carmen went for a stroll in the Florida Keys last week, and showed off what seems to be a set of new, larger breast implants: Carmen had her first breast augmentation in the 90’s (when big fake boobies were new and exciting), and she originally went from a B-cup to a full C-cup. Now, she’s […]

Carmen Electra has been very open about the fact that she has had breast augmentation surgery. Carmen has even gone so far to say that she sort of regrets getting breast implants, because she had nice boobs before the surgery. Well, perhaps it was those originally nice breasts that helped, but her breast augmentation surgery […]

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