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Chaz Bono and Plastic Surgery

chaz bono plastic surgeryChaz Bono is the transgendered daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono. At 40, Chastity had surgery to remove her breasts and uterus on her journey to becoming a man. When asked if she had sexual reassignment surgery, Chaz said, “I would like my privates to remain private”. See the transformation and photos of Chaz Bono before and after plastic surgery.

chaz bono weight loss liposuction tummy tuck

Chaz Bono, the transgendered daughter of Cher and Sonny Bono, began undergoing a gender transition from female to male in 2008. Four years later, Chaz is still coming into his own, as his transformation keeps evolving. This time, Chaz headed back to his trusty plastic surgeon for a tummy tuck and liposuction! Chaz Bono before […]

Chaz Bono before after weight loss 2013

Chaz Bono popped up recently looking like half the man he used to be…He’s lost a ton of weight! The transgendered daughter of Cher went through a gender transition that started in 2008, which included hormone treatments and a double mastectomy. The transition seems to have been successful and not only does Chaz look more […]

Chastity Chaz Bono Before and After

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Chaz Bono finally gets personal about something that he has previously kept private. His privates. Chaz opens up and schools us on things that mainstream America usually doesn’t need to think about. Like if you would prefer a penis that you could pee through or not… Chaz […]

Can someone tell me how exactly it is legal for Chastity “Chaz” Bono to walk around topless in public? Chastity “Chaz” Bono taking a break from ‘Dancing with the Stars’ rehearsals: Yes, I know that she is taking hormones to grow a beard and had a double mastectomy to remove her breasts and legally changed […]

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