Chelsea Charms

Chelsea Charms and Plastic Surgery

chelsea charms plastic surgeryChelsea Charms is an adult film actress and hold the world record for the worlds largest breasts. After several breast enlargement surgeries, Chelsea decided to get polypropylene string implants, which continue to increase in size indefinitely. Currently, each breast implant weights over 30lbs and have not yet stopped growing. Polypropylene string implants have since been banned.

Chelsea Charms and her 153XXX size breast implants

Most people carry their extra weight in their belly, butt or thighs. Not Chelsea Charms though. The 5’3″ adult film star and exotic dancer bears an extra 52 pounds on her petite frame…and it’s all in her boobs. Unofficially known as the woman with the world’s largest boobs, Chelsea sports a pair of knockers that could literally knock you out…

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