Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler and Plastic Surgery

chelsea handler plastic surgeryChelsea Handler is a comedian who is known for her often inappropriate and rude humor. Has the middle aged blonde finally given in to the pressures of Hollywood and had plastic surgery? Check out pictures of Chelsea Handler before and after plastic surgery below and see her transformation!

Time for a little celebrity ketchup! Here are the most noteworthy recent celebrity news stories: Rihanna got a really really really stupid new tattoo. – Rihanna Tattoos Demi Moore hospitalized for doing whip-its. WTF? – TMZ Joan Rivers calls out Chelsea Handler. And is seriously funny. – The Superficial Miley Cyrus fellates a gigantic black […]

Chelsea Handler before and after

We often get special requests to write about certain celebrities and have had such a request for a plastic surgery post on Chelsea Handler. I think that Chelsea Handler is an unfunny, fairly annoying, (rumored) coke-whore, so I was looking forward to writing about her bad plastic surgery, but, unfortunately for me (and fortunately for […]

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