Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel and Plastic Surgery

chemical peel plastic surgeryA chemical peel removes the outer layer of skin by applying a chemical solution that essentially burns away the skin. The skin then heals and renews itself improving the texture and pigmentation. Chemical peels are a popular cosmetic procedure among aging celebrities and stars such as Jennifer Aniston have sworn by them. See before and after pictures of chemical peels below.

Jon Mack before and after bad plastic surgery

We know that it’s called “plastic surgery”, but we’re pretty sure that you don’t literally want your face to look like plastic, right? Well, unfortunately Jon Mack’s plastic surgeon didn’t get the memo and she showed up to the Emmy’s looking scarily over-done. Jon Mack before and after plastic surgery: The D-list singer/model/actress, who has […]

Cindy Jackson holds the official world record for “Most Cosmetic Procedures”, after undergoing 52 cosmetic procedures by the age of 55. Cindy has spent approximately $100,000 on plastic surgery that includes 14 actual operations (5 full face lifts, lots of liposuction, 2 eye lifts, chin reduction, lip implants, multiple boob jobs, nose job, cheek implants). […]

Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson, recently sat down with Oprah and talked openly about Michael and his addiction to plastic surgery. At one point Katherine even asked Michael’s plastic surgeon to stop doing work on Michael, as she felt that he had gone overboard with changing his face. Just by looking at Michael’s face, […]

To my surprise, it’s been brought to my attention that Jackie Stallone wasn’t always hideous! Seriously, I just always assumed that she was simply an unattractive women that didn’t age very well. Well, it’s now obvious that her scary face was bought and paid for, as she has obviously undergone some of the worst plastic […]

Mary Tyler Moore is a talented actress, but I just can’t take her seriously anymore. She has WAY over done the plastic surgery and her face is looking less human and more mask-like. Mary Tyler Moore Before & After Facelift? Mary Tyler Moore is 71 years old and it appears that she has had quite […]

Would you let this women perform plastic surgery on you?! This is Cynthia Weinstein. She is a 53 year old, Australian plastic surgeon and, not surprisingly, there have been several complaints filed against her resulting from botched surgeries and cosmetic procedures. I was unable to locate any “before” pictures of Cynthia Weinstein, but it is […]

Brigette Nielsen tried to whip up much to do about her German reality show “From Old to New: Brigitte Nielsen in the Celebrity Clinic”, where she underwent several plastic surgery procedures on camera. Well, I just saw the before and after pictures and I think she should have saved herself $100,000 and just went to […]

I don’t spook easily, but there is just something about Joan River’s face that scares the shit out of me! Joan Rivers plastic face: (Click picture for close up of Joan River’s face) Joan has had extensive plastic surgery on her face such as: Multiple facelifts, brow lift, botox, soft tissue fillers, jaw implants, multiple […]

Joan Van Ark is an actress that was famous for starring in 80’s soap operas “Dallas” and “Knots Landing”. More recently, she is famous for her scary surgically altered face: Joan Van Ark before plastic surgery: Joan Van Ark after plastic surgery: Joan Van Ark is 67 years old and looks to be suffering from […]

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