Cher and Plastic Surgery

cher plastic surgeryCher is an iconic singer who became famous in the 60’s. Cher has always been known for her wild hair and outfits, as well as her plastic surgery. She looks radically different and has undergone multiple cosmetic procedures, but Cher has no issue talking about having plastic surgery and continues having it now that she is almost 70. See photos of Cher before and after plastic surgery here!

She’s fierce, fab, and many argue Lady Gaga looks less like a horse than ever these days. Don’t get me wrong. I think she’s gorgeous and talented all wrapped up into one, but her most recent revelation might help explain why her face takes on as many different forms as her costumes. The many faces […]

Cher Lip Implants Plastic Surgery 2013

You’ve got to hand it to Cher, she works hard for her money and is about to start yet another world tour, at 67-years old. To promote her latest tour, she recently appeared on the “Today Show” to lipsync her heart out to her new song “Woman’s World”. While I’m just glad she didn’t break […]

Cher, Diane Keaton and Joan Van Ark are all stars in their 60’s. Cher and Joan have both had their fair share of plastic surgery and Diane Keaton has never gone under the knife for cosmetic reasons. So who do you think looks better? It’s so unusual for a female celebrity to grow old gracefully […]

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