Cheryl Tweedy

Cheryl Tweedy and Plastic Surgery

cheryl tweedy plastic surgeryCheryl Tweedy became famous in 2002 when she joined the pop group Girls Aloud. She has since struck out on her own and became a solo singer, model and spokesperson. Has Cheryl Tweedy had plastic surgery? Sure does look like it! See pictures of Cheryl before and after and see what’s changed.

Here are a few celebrities that have made over their smiles by undergoing cosmetic dentistry: While I don’t think that having cosmetic dentistry is that big of a deal, it appears that perhaps it could be the “gateway drug” to having more invasive cosmetic surgery. After viewing the gallery of celebrity smile makeovers, it became […]

Apparently English pop singer Cheryl Tweedy, and her cute dimples, has inspired the sudden popularity of a fairly new type of plastic surgery: Dimpleplasty (also known as Dimple Fabrication). Dimpleplasty involves making a tiny incision in the skin to create a small depression. The incision is then stitched to a deeper layer of skin to […]

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