Children and Plastic Surgery

children plastic surgeryWith plastic surgery becoming mainstream, it is becoming more common to hear about children having surgery for purely cosmetic reasons. Are parents that buy their children plastic surgery truly trying to help their children, or should this be considered child abuse? Parents have admitted to giving their children Botox injections, liposuction and more.

Nadia Ilse before and after plastic surgery

There’s finally a bit of good news for kids getting bullied in school: they may be eligible for free plastic surgery! In one of the stranger and more deplorable practices in our society today, an organization called “Little Baby Faces” is offering cosmetic procedures for bullied kids, free of charge. While this may seem like […]

Sarah Burge Gave 7 year old Poppy the Gift of Liposuction

Legos, electronic toys and dolls were the top items on kids Christmas wish lists last year, but one mom decided that a voucher for liposuction would be the most exciting gift for her 7-year old daughter. Poppy receiving a liposuction voucher for Christmas. That mother is self-proclaimed “Human Barbie”, Sarah Burge. Sarah has already made […]

Ali Lohan, recently stepped out looking more like a transvestite then a 17-year old “model”, causing people to ask, “WTF happened to Ali Lohan’s face?!”. Ali’s rep responded to the accusations of plastic surgery by saying that Ali is just going through an awkward phase: “Aliana has never had any type of plastic surgery in […]

Apparently giving her teen daughter Botox injections didn’t get her enough attention, so Sarah Burge has decided to bring bad parenting to a whole new level by giving her 7 year old daughter Poppy a boob job voucher for her birthday. Poppy will be able to cash in the boob job voucher when she is […]

Remember Kerry Campbell? The mom that injects her 8-year-old with Botox? Well, being featured in one tabloid was not enough exposure for this wannabe fame whore, so she decided to do an interview with ABC News. And, THANK GOD, the interview has lead to an investigation by Child Protective Services. The interview with Kerry and […]

Brooke Bates is a 17-year-old girl that dreams of looking like Barbie. The difference between her and other teens is that her parents have paid for multiple plastic surgeries, starting with liposuction at age 12. At 12 years old, Brooke weighed in at 220lb, and instead of teaching their daughter how to eat right and […]

Sarah Burge is a British women, that has had over 100 cosmetic procedures and surgeries, and calls herself “The Real Life Barbie”. (I think she looks more like a tranny, but okay…) Sadly, she is also the mother of a teenage daughter, to whom she is passing on her mental health issue of twisted vanity. […]

And now for the most disturbing plastic surgery news that I’ve ever heard, a mother in California is proud to announce that she injects her 8-year-old daughter with Botox and filler, and gives her daughter full body waxes in a bid to keep her from developing pubic hair. Every three months, Kerry Campbell, purchases Botox […]

Doctor Salzhauer is a plastic surgeon based in Florida and he has written a childrens book “explaining” that mommy is going to have surgery to become beautiful. The book is called “My Beautiful Mommy” and here are some excerpts: (The author actually wrote that the doctor is saying: “Blah, blah, blah, tummy. Blah, blah, blah, […]

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