Cindy Jackson

Cindy Jackson and Plastic Surgery

cindy jackson plastic surgeryCindy Jackson became famous for the extreme amount of plastic surgery that she has undergone. Cindy claims to be the original extreme makeover and has written books about plastic surgery and what she has learned after undergoing over 50 cosmetic procedures. Check out the pictures of Cindy’s transformation and tell us, is she really he plastic surgery expert that she claims to be?

Cindy Jackson holds the official world record for “Most Cosmetic Procedures”, after undergoing 52 cosmetic procedures by the age of 55. Cindy has spent approximately $100,000 on plastic surgery that includes 14 actual operations (5 full face lifts, lots of liposuction, 2 eye lifts, chin reduction, lip implants, multiple boob jobs, nose job, cheek implants). […]

Here are plastic surgery “fans”, Pete Burns and Cindy Jackson, being interviewed on British TV show “This Morning”. It really is bizarre watching these molded plastic faces talking and trying to express emotion… By the way, am I the only one tired of Cindy Jackson acting like she is a piece of fine art? I […]

Cindy Jackson, The world record holder for “Most Cosmetic Surgery Procedures”, has once again undergone a surgical transformation. She calls this set of cosmetic surgeries: “From Barbie to Bardot”. Cindy Jackson after plastic surgery to look like Brigitte Bardot: Cindy Jackson is 53 years old and has prided herself on the asinine amount of cosmetic […]

Cindy Jackson has been call the original “Extreme Makeover” and has become somewhat famous for completely changing her looks with plastic surgery. In the late 80’s Cindy Jackson received an inheritance and decided to have plastic surgery. Since then, she has had 9 cosmetic surgeries (with many of those surgeries having more then one procedure […]

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