Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken and Plastic Surgery

clay aiken plastic surgeryClay Aiken launched his singing career after competing on the second season of American Idol in 2003. Clay confirmed rumors that he recently had plastic surgery after fans noticed that his appearance drastically changed when he appeared on Celebrity Apprentice. See pictures of Clay Aiken before and after plastic surgery here!

Clay AIken Plastic Surgery Chin

Clay Aiken recently appeared on live television and put to rest the plastic surgery rumors…by admitting that he has indeed had cosmetic surgery! Clay told “Watch What Happens Live” host, Andy Cohen: Clay Aiken before and after liposuction: Score one for honesty? Well, maybe…Clay’s chin not only looks more defined after having liposuction, but it […]

Clay Aiken Before and After

Ever since the new Celebrity Apprentice debuted, people have been talking about Clay Aiken and his new look. Many have said that Clay has had bad plastic surgery, but we disagree…Clay Aiken has simply aged since his days on American Idol. Clay Aiken’s official Celebrity Apprentice picture: It has been nearly 10 years (!) since […]

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