Complications and Plastic Surgery

plastic surgerycomplicationsPlastic surgery is supposed to be an improvement of your appearance, but there are complications that can arise. As with any type of surgery, plastic surgery comes with risks. Having plastic surgery can result in complications such as infections, scarring, deformities and even death. Even celebrities that use the top surgeons experience plastic surgery complications.

Amy Ashcroft from Phoenix, Arizona is beyond pissed about a botched boob job that has left her deformed, scarred and in pain. Ashcroft took to the streets a couple weeks ago to protest the doctor responsible, Dr. William Leighton. In hopes of swaying a meeting regarding her case against Dr. Leighton she protested topless with […]

andressa urach plastic surgery

If you are thinking about getting butt injections you might want to reconsider. Andressa Urach’s body was once coveted, and now thanks to injections it is literally rotting from the inside out. Former Miss BumBum runner-up Andressa Urach can’t seem to stay out of the hospital. Earlier this month, the 27-year-old Brazilian beauty queen and […]

Farrah Abraham doesn’t need to practice making her duck face anymore! Thanks to her lip injections gone wrong Farrah is stuck wearing a permanent duck face nowadays. The worst part of all is that her new lips may be a painfully permanent feature she will have to learn to live with. Farrah Abraham wanted bigger […]

andressa urach filler injections

Brazilian model Andressa Urach nearly lost her legs thanks to cosmetic filler injections, and she has released the gruesome photos of the damage in an attempt to warn others against the popular procedure. * Warning – the pictures below are graphic * Andressa Urach before her thighs started rotting from the inside out: To say […]

Back in 2012 we shared the story of ex-stripper Renee Talley, the woman with butt implants gone totally wrong. After having her butt implants surgically inserted, Talley faced a major issue, her implant flipped all the way around inside of her butt. Leaving a very awkward looking outer appearance because the flat backside of the […]

Blac Chyna Fake Butt and Yoga Pants

No one can deny that big butts are trendy nowadays, and it all started innocently enough with fans wanting to be curvy like JLo. But now, thanks to plastic surgery, media and marketing, absurdly unnatural curves have become the new thing and women are literally dying trying to achieve these unreal curves. There are three […]

Zsa Zsa Gabor is a 97-year-old socialite known for her appearances on Broadway, television, and even on the big screen. Given the title Miss Hungary in 1936, Zsa Zsa can now claim another title: being married to a man with botched plastic surgery. This close up of Prinz’s eyes shows him before (left) his botched surgery […]

dermal fillers stroke blindness death

If there was ever a reason not to get dermal fillers, permanent blindness and brain damage has got to be it, right? According to London-based plastic surgeon Dr. Julian de Silva, anti-wrinkle dermal fillers have been linked to at least 30 cases of vision loss and four cases of stroke in patients. These findings follow […]

betty pino plastic surgery death 2013

Betty Pino, a popular Spanish radio DJ in Miami, died an untimely death due to her unhealthy obsession with plastic surgery. Betty died in August, at 65-years old, due to complications that arose after having surgery in an attempt to fix a back-street butt job gone wrong. In June 2013, Betty Pino approached cosmetic […]

vida guerra breast implant popped

Uh oh! Looks like Vida Guerra’s breast implant has sprung a leak! Vida, who’s backside is probably more famous than her face, posted the following picture to Instagram after undergoing emergency surgery to replace a leaky silicon breast implant: Vida has had two prior breast augmentation surgeries and the problems she was experiencing, which included […]

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