Complications and Plastic Surgery

plastic surgerycomplicationsPlastic surgery is supposed to be an improvement of your appearance, but there are complications that can arise. As with any type of surgery, plastic surgery comes with risks. Having plastic surgery can result in complications such as infections, scarring, deformities and even death. Even celebrities that use the top surgeons experience plastic surgery complications.

Butt Shots Amputee

Becoming an amputee probably never crosses the minds of the thousands of women that undergo illegal butt plumping injections, and one woman is speaking out in an effort to change that. Her name is Apryl Michelle Brown and all she wanted was a rounder, more shapely butt. Instead she ended up enduring years of pain […]

WTF Butt Implants Gone Wrong

Here is a shocking video of a woman that is suffering from a bizarre complication after having butt implant surgery. The video shows one of her butt implants after it has flipped which gives one of her cheeks a very strange looking shape. The woman then manually flips her butt implant back around and says, […]

Trista Sutter Plastic Surgery Before and After

The original Bachelorette star, Trista Sutter, decided to treat herself to a “pre-40” plastic surgery makeover back in July, and now she is suffering the awful consequences. At 39, the mother of two, who always seemed so down to earth, made a decision that surprised most everyone and went under the knife for breast implants […]

Alejandra Guzman getting butt plumping injections

If you’re thinking about adding a little oomph to your buttocks, you may want to think again, unless you want to end up like Latina rock star Alejandra Guzman. The Grammy-winning singer and actress underwent cosmetic surgery back in 2009, and she is still paying the price of a botched butt job. As a result of bad plastic surgery performed by a “doctor” […]

Laura O'Donnell with four of her five children

At the age of 27, Laura O’Donnell of Wales decided that she wanted to get back into shape after giving birth to four children, which she did the old-fashioned way – with diet and exercise. However, when she was left with unsightly excess skin caused by the sudden weight loss, she decided that a tummy […]

Gemma Garrett Before and After Breast Implants

At age 30, UK model Gemma Garrett has held the title of Miss Great Britian, Miss Ulster and Miss Belfast. She also was one of an estimated 50,000 woman who had Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) breast implants, which were found to contain industrial grade silicon. Gemma Garrett before and after getting PIP breast implants: Less […]

Cameron Diaz before and after breast implants

Back in January, Cameron Diaz debuted some larger lady lumps thanks to a pair of new breast implants. Initially, we thought that the implants looked okay on Cameron and would eventually settle in for a natural look, thanks to the small implant size that she chose. Unfortunately, new pictures of Cameron show her breast implants […]

Actress Mariel Hemingway is speaking out against plastic surgery decades after a leaky silicon breast implant compromised her health: * Video removed because of annoying autoplay – You can view it here if you’d like. * Mariel, who is now 49-years old, had breast augmentation surgery when she was barely 20 and the silicon implants […]

When any women opts for breast implants, there are several possible complications that can span from bad to worse. Better then death, but worse then other complications is: Symmastia Allaura Sweet & Her Symmastic Breast Implants: CENSORED – Click for photo Symmastia happens when the plastic surgeon over-dissects the tissue in your chest cavity, essentially […]

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