Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry and Plastic Surgery

cosmetic dentistryCosmetic dentistry is an extremely popular cosmetic procedure for celebrities. A cosmetic dentist can white and brighten your smile, makeover your smile with veneers, reshape your teeth or even perform a gum lift, which raises and sculpts the gum line. Lumineers are another option for cosmetic dentistry and are a less permanent solution than veneers.

We all have something about our appearance we would like to change, for Cher Lloyd, it was her teeth; “I hate my teeth. I hate them, I look like a complete and utter rabbit.” She told More magazine last year before her dramatic smile transformation. It’s not just Cher’s teeth that are changing, after hitting […]

jessica simpson and Eric Johnson 2014

Rumors have been flying around endlessly, as everyone tries to uncover why Jessica Simpson has postponed her wedding to Eric Johnson 2 times now! Some media reports have even hinted at relationship troubles and a dark double life lead by Eric Johnson. These rumors have been put to rest now, it seems  the reason the […]

rylan clark crazy weird too white fake teeth

Seriously. W.T.F. was Rylan Clark thinking when he got these absolutely ridiculously absurd veneers?! Rylan Clark and his bizarre new teeth: Looking at Rylan is giving me flashbacks of Max Headroom scaring the shit out of me as a child…Am I alone on this one?! Rylan Clark, who has become a reality show star after […]

Too Short Got New Teeth - Before and After

Check out rapper Too $hort before he had a major cosmetic dentistry overhaul! Too Short before and after cosmetic dentistry: Well, I can’t say that we blame him, because his grill was a mess before he had a cosmetic dentist smack it up, flip it, rub it down (oh no!!!). Luckily Too $hort found fame […]

courtney before and after veneers

Courtney Stodden’s stint on Celebrity Big Brother has already drawn to an end, but not before we finally put our finger on what seemed different about the bleach blonde wannabe starlet…She has new teeth! In addition to the gigantic breast implants that the 19-year old recently got, she also has a brand new set of […]

Sydney Leathers in a bikini before after plastic surgery

Sydney Leathers, the woman who busted Anthony Weiner for sexting, went ahead and got her plastic surgery makeover. And, apparently there was a lot of making over to be done, because she blew $40,000 on several different procedures! Sydney Leathers before and after plastic surgery: The unemployed 23-year old, who dropped out of college because […]

Courtney Stodden on Big Brother

In case you havn’t heard, Courtney Stodden is currently on the British reality show “Celebrity Big Brother” and is terrorizing her housemates with her insanely gigantic fake boobs. Courtney shows off her new DDD breast implants on “Celebrity Big Brother”: (Worst. Boob. Job. Ever!) Courtney, who just turned 19, seems to be enjoying her time […]

George Clooney Ugly Duckling

In news that will bring hope and happiness to awkward teenage boys everywhere…Check out how geeky George Clooney used to be! George Clooney then and now: Who would have thought that that goofy looking kid on the left would grow up to be one of the most desired men in the world?! George Clooney shot […]

madonna gold teeth grill

So Madonna has a grill now. And we’re not talking about a nifty new appliance used to BBQ dinner. Oh no, Madonna is actually sporting a mouth full of gaudy-as-hell gold and diamond-encrusted teeth, or “grill” as it’s known in the ghetto, world of hiphop and by pimps from 1982. And she’s not kidding. Madonna […]

dolly parton in the 80s

Now that Dolly Parton has completely destroyed her natural good looks with decades of extreme plastic surgery, the iconic country singer says she just focuses on “maintenance” these days. That’s how you know you’ve run the gamut of plastic surgery – when you just check back with your surgeon […]

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