Crystal Hefner

Crystal Hefner and Plastic Surgery

Hugh and Crystal Hefner before plastic surgery

Don’t you hate it when your geriatric new husband accidentally reveals your pre-plastic surgery pictures to his Twitter followers? Unfortunately for 27-year old Crystal Harris-Hefner, that is exactly what happened when her 87-year old husband posted a #throwbackthursday picture of the two back in 2008. Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner before her plastic surgery makeover: […]

Hugh and Crystal Hefner

Another day another barely relevant d-lister promoting a pool party in Las Vegas…This time, it’s Crystal Hefner. And, let me tell you, I find Crystal Hefner utterly shocking. What is it about this bottle blonde that I find most shocking, you ask? Is it that she infamously left Hugh Hefner at the alter? The fact that she […]

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