Death and Plastic Surgery

death and plastic surgeryDeath is one of those unfortunate side effects that can happen when you choose to undergoing plastic surgery. Are bigger boobs, a thinner waistline or smoother face really worth the risk? Hundreds of thousands of people seem to think so. Unfortunately, some of them end up dead.

German adult film actress, “Sexy Cora”, died last week of a brain hemmorage while she was having her 6th breast enlargement surgery. According to CBS News: “Two doctors have been charged with negligent manslaughter after German porn star “Sexy Cora” died during her sixth breast enlargement operation, according to reports. The 23-year-old actress, who’s real […]

Plastic surgeon to the stars, Dr. Frank Ryan, died Monday at the age of 50. Doctor Ryan was the plastic surgeon that performed Heidi Montag’s plastic transformation by performing 10 cosmetic surgeries on the 23-year old reality star. Doctor Ryan has also performed cosmetic surgery on celebrities such as Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed, Shauna Sand, […]

Florida teen Stephanie Kuleba was a senior in high school, captain of her cheerleading squad and had her whole life ahead of her. Unfortunately she thought bigger boobs would make her life complete and underwent a breast augmentation surgery, which ultimately led to her death. During the breast implant surgery, Stephanie went into malignant hyperthermia, […]

Donda West, Kanye West’s mom, died dued to complication of undergoing cosmetic surgery. Donda had two cosmetic surgeries (tummy tuck and breast reduction) performed at the same time, and died at her home two days later. Kanye West’s mother was 58 years old when she died. The surgery that caused Donda West’s death was performed […]

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