Deena Cortese

Deena Cortese and Plastic Surgery

Deena Cortez before and after liposuction?

Deena Cortese, who is currently filming for the last season of “Jersey Shore”, stripped down to her bikini last weekend and revealed a new accessory: six pack abs! Deena Cortese then and now: But wait a second here…Deena’s newly slim waistline and “rock-hard” six pack abs aren’t accompanied by the usual celebrity weight loss package: […]

Deena Cortese before and after getting veneers

Yet another cast member of “Jersey Shore” is doing stupid things in an attempt to extend their long expired 15-minutes of fame. Deena Nicole Cortese has ponied up for a full set off veneers, which she showed off in a staged photoshoot on the beaches of France. Deena Cortese before and after getting veneers: It […]

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