Dimpleplasty and Plastic Surgery

dimpleplasty plastic surgeryDimpleplasty, or Dimple Fabrication, is a somewhat new cosmetic procedure that can give you permanent dimples. Dimpleplasty is done while you are awake and is an out-patient surgery. Celebrities such as Mario Lopez, Jennifer Garner and Cheryl Tweedy are said to have sparked this new trend of designer dimples.

Hand lifts, vaginal reconstruction, thigh gap procedure, the list of new plastic surgeries just keeps getting odder and odder. Every few years a new slew of trendy procedures hits the scene, some so strange surgeons feel conflicted about performing them. Dr. Richard Ellenbogen, a board-certified plastic surgeon that practices out of Beverly Hills says, “After being […]

1. Elf Ear Surgery “The elegance of the elf ear is something I adore a lot.” Says 23-old Canadian model, Melynda Moon. And so in August of 2011, she underwent surgery to get elf ears of her own, a tribute to all of the Hobbits out there. Not surprisingly, Moon is a big fan of […]

Vanilla Chamu before and after plastic surgery

It’s pretty normal for a kid to want to emulate a beloved doll or action figure (Barbie, G.I. Joe, Iron Man, etc.), but what is not normal at all is a grown Japanese woman undergoing countless plastic surgery procedures to look like a “living French doll” – whatever that is. That’s exactly what Japanese model […]

Dimpleplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery where a surgeon surgically makes a permanent dimple in your cheek. This fairly new procedure has resurfaced and has been gaining in popularity lately. Celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Mario Lopez and Cheryl Tweedy are said to be the driving factor behind this resurgence of people wanting to have […]

Apparently English pop singer Cheryl Tweedy, and her cute dimples, has inspired the sudden popularity of a fairly new type of plastic surgery: Dimpleplasty (also known as Dimple Fabrication). Dimpleplasty involves making a tiny incision in the skin to create a small depression. The incision is then stitched to a deeper layer of skin to […]

What will plastic surgeons come up with next?! This girl had “dimple fabrication” surgery because she thinks dimples are cute. I can honestly say that this is the 1st time I’ve ever heard of dimple fabrication. Interesting (in a really stupid way). Ever wonder how to make a dimple surgically? Yeah, I know. Me neither, […]

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