Double Eyelid Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery and Plastic Surgery

Double Eyelid Surgery plastic surgeryDouble Eyelid Surgery is a form of blepharoplasty that is performed on people of asian decent. The Double Eyelid Surgery, or Asian Blepharoplasty, creates a more defined upper eyelid crease, giving the eyes a rounder, more western look.

danae extreme plastic surgery before after wtf

If all else fails and you really want to become famous, apparently all you have to do is undergo extreme amounts of plastic surgery. It worked for one 16-year-old girl from Henan. The young teenager who goes by the name Lee Hee Danea recently underwent scary amounts of plastic surgery for anyone, let alone a […]

Julie Chen before and after plastic surgery

Julie Chen revealed her shocking secret to success on “The Talk” and would you believe it’s plastic surgery that got her to where she is today? Hard work, dedication, drive, education? Nope, it was plastic surgery to westernize her face that the talk show host attributes to her successful career. Julie Chen before and after […]

Vanilla Chamu before and after plastic surgery

It’s pretty normal for a kid to want to emulate a beloved doll or action figure (Barbie, G.I. Joe, Iron Man, etc.), but what is not normal at all is a grown Japanese woman undergoing countless plastic surgery procedures to look like a “living French doll” – whatever that is. That’s exactly what Japanese model […]

Have you ever wondered what would come of a drunken threesome between Dolly Parton, Ronald McDonald and Janice from the Muppets? Well, I’m pretty sure that it would look something like Thai socialite Sumanee Guna Kasem… Khun Sumanee Guna-Kasem is a thai socialite who has completely changed her appearance with plastic surgery. She has been […]

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